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Capsule Contracture

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As a natural reaction to any device placed in the body, scar tissue will form around the breast implant surface creating a capsule.

The most effective treatment of Grade III-IV capsular contracture is to remove the whole capsule (capsulectomy). Just scoring the capsule (capsulotomy) usually is ineffective. Other procedures such as closed capsulotomy in which the breast is squeezed until the capsule is broken is not recommended as it may cause implant rupture and in fact voids the implant warranty. Our usual procedure for subglandular capsular contracture is to remove the entire capsule and perform a submuscular conversion. For submuscular capsular contracture we will perform a capsulectomy. There is some excellent new data that placement of acellular dermal matrix products such as Strattice prevent capsular contracture. Our current regimen is to use Strattice for all capsulectomies for two reasons to prevent recapsular contracture and for support to avoid inferior stretch Operative times vary but usually are 90 minutes per side. A drain is used after capsulectomy and stays in for 5-7 days. Recovery is similar to a primary augmentation. Postoperatively, massage is recommended.

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