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Bottoming Out

“Bottoming Out” or Implant Displacement

This deformity is usually due to a surgical error of releasing the inframammary fold excessively. It can happen on one or both sides and with placement of implants over or under the muscle. The implants end up being placed too low on the chest wall and the nipples end up being positioned too high. This creates a loss of an internal support system for the implant.

Procedure Details: The patient above visited our plastic surgeons to address older implants that were showing a stretch deformity in both breasts. She desired natural looking breasts and no additional scarring. She underwent neopectoral pocket creation , placement or Mentor high profile 550cc implants and Strattice tissue matrix. The Strattice tissue matrix acts as an internal bra, holding the breast up. The result was natural looking, symmetrical breasts.

Correction involves excising a piece of the capsule and doing a layered closure using a Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, an “internal bra” to provide additional support to the implant. This “internal bra” is an acellular reconstructive tissue matrix designed to support tissue regeneration. It helps control the breast implant location, defines the breast shape and prevents bottoming out in Boca Raton.

Dr. Pozner usually will use Allergan – Natrelle – Inspira implants. We use 3 types of internal mesh – Galaflex, Galaform for normal mastopexies and support & Strattice for capsular contracture. Surgical times vary from 1 to 3 hours and recovery is usually quick. Postoperative taping and use of an underwire bra is essential for about 6 weeks. Refer to our postoperative recommendations for more details on recovery time.

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