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Breast Revision Overview

Sanctuary Plastic Surgery surgeons specialize in the revision and correction of previous cosmetic surgery. This includes all facial revisions, body revisions and most commonly, breast revision surgery revision in Boca Raton. Of the surgeries Dr. Pozner performs, almost eighty percent of them are corrections of previous cosmetic surgery performed somewhere else. He is particularly known for his work in correcting problems arising after breast augmentation. Dr. Pozner serves on the Mentor Advisory board and is involved with FDA studies of new breast implants.

There are a variety of common problems that may occur after breast augmentation:

The above tabs link to pages specific for the problems encountered. For information on primary breast augmentation, mastopexy or mastopexy-augmentation or breast reduction please see our plastic surgery website, Sanctuary Plastic Surgery.

There are also many patients who present after a breast lift  (mastopexy) or breast reduction who don’t have great shape and would like more upper pole fullness or smaller or larger breasts. This is covered in the section after breast lift/reduction.

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