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Inferior Stretch

Inferior stretch occurs when the the inframammary fold is in the correct position but the breast tissue between the nipple and the fold stretches. Inferior stretch is very easy to confuse with bottoming out in Boca which implies that the inframammary fold descends. There can be situations in which there is both inferior pole stretch and bottoming out. Inferior stretch can happen due to thin, stretchy skin or after capsulectomy when there is not much support.

The correction of inferior pole stretch is usually through skin excision (mastopexy or breast lift). The type of lift is determined by breast appearance and may be as simple as a horizontal skin excision in the fold or a full anchor lift. Many times we will excise skin and place Boca Raton Strattice as support because without the support the skin just stretches. If we just need to excise a horizontal wedge we may be able to do that under local anesthesia but for larger lifts and when Strattice is placed we prefer general anesthesia.

If the skin quality is not that bad sometimes we can just place the Strattice for support without excising any skin. When we examine you during consultation we can usually determine whether support alone will work but sometime we won’t know until we get into the operating room.

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