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Repairing Tuberous Breast Deformity

Repairing Tuberous Breast Deformity: A Surprisingly Common Problem

Tuberous breast deformity, also called constricted breast, affects a surprising number of women.

Although breast size and shape varies from woman to woman, a tuberous breast deformity, also called constricted breast, affects a large number of women. A 2005 UT-Galveston study suggests that approximately 7% of women planning a breast augmentation have a tuberous breast deformity.

What is a constricted or tuberous breast? 
According to Jason Pozner, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, FL, “Tuberous breasts look quite different from the “usual” breast to the extent that they are considered an irregularity rather than a type of breast shape. Although it is common that any given woman’s two breasts are not exactly equal in size or shape, a tuberous breast is quite unlike a normal breast. It’s possible that one breast will develop normally while the other is constricted. Fortunately, we can correct tuberous breasts to create a natural breast shape.”

In a constricted, or tubular, breast, the breast tissue is “squeezed” into the very tip. There is usually little or no breast tissue on the chest wall itself, called the upper pole, giving a flat appearance above the breast area with all or most of the breast fullness pushed into the tip of the breast. Here is an example of a constricted, or tubular, breast next to a normal breast.

What causes a tuberous breast deformity?
It is believed that incorrect hormonal signals during puberty create the malformed breast. Tuberous breasts are a result of excess breast skin tightness combined with an inframammary fold (the crease underneath the breast) that is placed very high on the chest wall. This tightness and high fold under the breast result in the breast tissue being forced into a tube-shape, with breast tissue pushed down toward the nipple. This pushing of breast tissue into the tip of the breast gives the tuberous breast its distinct look.

Tuberous breasts can cause considerable embarrassment and body image problems as early as the teen years, with potentially negative emotional consequences throughout a woman’s life. Therefore, repair is essential for both emotional and physical reasons.

Skilled breast surgeons can correct both the herniation and create fullness in the upper portion of the breast.

Correcting the tuberous breast 
In Dr. Jason Pozner’s tuberous breast correction procedure, he lowers the inframammary fold (the area under the breast where the breast joins the chest wall, ie, the spot where a bra underwire would sit). He will likely reduce the size of the areola as well. He will then rearrange the glandular tissue to release it from its position in the tip of the breast. Because a tuberous breast is narrower than a normal breast and often smaller than normal, Dr. Pozner may insert a breast implant to create a larger and more attractive breast shape. This is repeated on the other breast if it, too, is tuberous. If the other breast is not constricted, the patient may need only one implant to “even out” the appearance of the breasts, creating a more symmetric appearance. Depending on the severity of the restriction, more than one procedure may be needed for a complete repair.

Recovery from a tuberous breast repair
Recovery is similar to that of other breast enhancement procedures such as a breast augmentation. Following a 1-3 hour operative procedure, the patient will be asked to wear a special supportive bra for about a month. Plenty of rest and appropriate pain medications are helpful. Within about a week, most patients feel well enough to return to work and social activities.

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